Retro Rockets

The Retro Rockets (formerly Eddie & the Ecclectics) saga concerns a secret division of the USO (a 50’s/60’s Nostalgia act) who were sent to Skylab in 1976 to entertain the astronauts. However, on the return flight, a freak solar storm created a time dilation which threw them forward into the future of 2018. The crew realize this conundrum but are still only aware of history from their origin point.

The revelations of how history has unfolded are a source of constant befuddlement for the band and amusement for audiences of all ages. Studio 308 will be presenting regular performances of the Retro Rockets on a monthly basis. Shows will usually be the 4th Saturday of the month.

Tickets for shows can be reserved and paid for at 918-329-0224. For more information, email

Watch the following link to see the trailer for more explanation on who the Retro Rockets are!